Scoliosis, also known as spinal curvature or deformation, is frequently encountered today. It is known as the oldest spine problem that has come up from the past to the present day. Congenital developmental disorders can be caused by many different reasons such as trauma. The inability to determine precisely why it is important is particularly important in terms of the diagnosis and subsequent treatment process to be done against the discomfort of the person. It is noticed by mothers and fathers thanks to findings such as a certain part of the back of the child in the age of development, the shoulder asymmetry, and the hips are not on the same level.

If the spinal column flexes sideways to about 10 degrees, scoliosis discomfort arises. Normally, a healthy spine appears to extend downward from the back of the vertebrae in a straight line in the neck, back and waist region. In case of discomfort, it may be a shift to the right or to the left. For this reason, when it is seen from the outside, it is a matter of being noticed. In later periods, especially the disease makes itself even more prominent.

This may be the case especially in girls. this rate in Turkey appears to 1.5% in children of school age shows that 150,000 children of this disease. The prevalence of premenopausal boys is 3-5 times higher in adolescence, especially depending on the growth rate of girls. The fact that the complaints in the early period are too much can be determined especially by the x-rays taken during the screening. Impaired vision, which can appear in the appearance of the body in children, also causes families to resort to this issue.

What are scoliosis symptoms?
Early symptoms may not be seen in the patient. In particular, it is often impossible for a person to file a complaint with a doctor, especially if the scoliosis statement does not complain too much. It may occur in school screenings in general, or may be determined on the basis of the data received in the case of parents, especially in the case of an X-ray. One of the first careful points, especially in the family, is the appearance of the disorder. When viewed from the patient, the appearance is curvature. This is why most of the complaints are made in this direction. One of the most noticeable features that will be noticed in a person is that a shoulder stays higher than the other shoulder.

Causes of Scoliosis
Being among the disorders that can be experienced especially since childhood causes to be wonder about the causes of scoliosis. 80% of the controls can not determine the cause of the skewness. Especially, when we look at the structural disorders that cause the disease, it can be said that different options such as spinal tumors, spine infections, trauma, metabolic diseases are caused by many different diseases such as congenital structural disorders or muscular and nervous diseases. At the same time, posture disorders can also cause illness. The causes that can be determined can be listed as follows:

  • Congenital spinal bone structure is defective,
  • Infantile and juvenile,
  • Situations that can be caused by leg inequality or hip knee joint problems,
  • Conditions that may arise for connective tissue diseases,
  • Situations that may occur due to muscular diseases,
  • It can be caused by trauma.

Scoliosis Diagnosis
Scoliosis may be diagnosed after the examination by the orthopedists to be done to the children. Asymmetrical problems can be identified when looking naked from the back of the vertebrae. At the same time, when the child bends forward, the other side's ribs are curved. In this way, the treatment process can be started according to the diagnosis, which will be set by specialists.

At the same time, the X-ray taken at the patient provides confirmation of the curvature of the spine. It can ensure that the site is identified and its size is determined. For this reason, the x-ray film which will be suggested by the doctors provides a short time to determine if the person is also a problem. An x-ray should be taken every six months to ensure that the disease is followed. The situation can be tracked through comparative studies on the data.

Scoliosis Treatment
In some cases, scoliosis may regress spontaneously. This situation can make it possible to get rid of the problems that the patients have experienced especially in the rare cases. The discomfort that will emerge in children during the developing age affects negatively the life in particular. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful because it is among the disorders that may be experienced by adhering to genetic traits.

The scoliosis treatment to be applied to the patients is determined according to the condition of the patient. We provide uninterrupted service with doctors specialized in our center in order to solve the problem in a short time. If you are applying for the treatment process, we will determine the stage in which you are going to be done by our team and take action on the new appropriate treatment option.

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