Patient Stories

I come to the hospital for the first time What should I do?
You will be examined by applying to the relevant polyclinic secretariat, make your registration to the automation system and get your examination order. Go to the waiting room and follow the order from the electronic screens.

I do not know what sort of inspection I can consult to whom?
If you do not know which divisional examinations you will be helped by telling your complaint to the counselor, the support desk or any polyclinic secretariat.
What documents do you need for health insurance SSI (Social Security Institution, Retirement Fund, Bağkur) or Green Card registration?
SGK patients can apply with their ID card and green card from the Green Card patients State Hospital.

No Health Assurance How Can I Be Examined?
If you do not have a health insurance, you may be paid. After registering with the secretary of the outpatient clinic, you should go to venue and pay your examination fee.

Validity Period of Patient Enrollment How Many Days?
Patient registration is valid for 10 days. If the inspection period is over, you will need to re-register with your SGK ID card with a new paper sheet for inspection, inspection and inspection. Otherwise, no action is taken.