Patient Hotel

Inonu University Hospital, which has been amazed to offer the best of modern social services besides medical treatment, has also implemented an exemplary social project.
Our Hospital Hotel offers 64 breakfast and 130 hot beds, from the surroundings to host the patients and patient relatives who have no place to stay, host them in four star hotel comforts, televisions, shower rooms and in the morning, the product of a human-focused understanding has become the rightful pride.
Hospital Hotel which was built as a social responsibility project is also called as "Pending Room", "Pending Dining", "No Store", "Free Library", "Peace Garden", "Iftar and Sahur Dinners" offered by volunteers will host many social projects.

The center of wellness Hospital Hotel was opened on 01 August 2011 with the help of the helpers.
Hospital Hotel which was established in cooperation with İnönü University, Malatya Municipality and Malatya Businessmen Association (MIAD); a professional approach and an amateur spirit,
İnönü University Hospital Hotel, which opened its doors to those who are under the care of our guests and helping to cultivate the principle of honoring human dignity; "Your goodness is the common power, the center of your goodness" ...

All details are thought out to make our guests comfortable in our two-person shared rooms.
In our Hospital Hotel which welcomes 60.000 guests annually; all our rooms are shared by two. We also have 2 unobstructed rooms specially prepared for our disabled guests. All our rooms have a fridge, TV, Shower-WC and 24 hours hot water.
Our hospitality hotel is designed and decorated in a very modern way, providing all the quality and comfort that our guests need to feel at home.

Our breakfast room for 150 people is also open to the common use of our guests all day long.
Our breakfast room can be used throughout the day after breakfast and is also used as a common area where TV can be watched. Each floor has its own floor lobbies and there is a laundry and ironing room where the basement and even our guests can use them privately.
Our Hospital Hotel has a library, a seminar room and a peace garden; psychological support is a positive living space in which the relatives of the patient will take a deep breath, move away from the hospital atmosphere, and increase their resistance and motivation.
With technical equipment and modern appliances, we provide our guests with the most clean and hygienic conditions.
Our hospital, which aims to provide quality service, is cleaning and maintaining all the rooms regularly and meticulously for the accommodation of our guests in hygienic conditions.
Also our guests' personal items are at the service of our cleaning guests laundry room and our ironing rooms.

We have special moments with our guests at events and training meetings.
Hospital Our multi-purpose meeting room located in our hotel hosts the activities and activities of our guests, It also serves with a library where our guests can read books in their spare time.
In order to create a richer library, we accept book donations from book lovers who wish to book a book to our library that we have established at our Hospital Hotel.
Hospital We offer free services after social reviews of patients and patient relatives who are not in good physical condition with our suspended room project which we have applied to our hotel.
While our guests who stayed in the pension room project were separated from our Patient Hotel by the same conditions and with the same services as our other guests staying in the paid room, they live the charity and happiness of hosting a person in the charity.
Our hospital "No Store" which we have created in our hotel is providing free of charge to the patients and patient relatives in need of their clothes.
Our beneficiaries who want to help with "hanging room", "hanging" application or "No Store" help from the Hospital Hotel or from the banks to our University Hospital Hotel
(TR 85000 1001 490126 30158 5011) can be placed at the center of well being by donating.