Quality and Accreditation Targets at TOTM

According to the Accreditation Standards in Health, the current status of our hospital (targets, self-evaluation results, safety report, committee study reports, FOOT reports, indicator follow-up results, satisfaction reports, etc.) were determined and Turgut Özal Medical Center was established to carry out accreditation activities in health services. Turkey Health Care Quality and Accreditation Institute (Tuska) is expected to be accredited.

Quality goals

Effectiveness: Measures to achieve planned goals.
Activity: Ability to do things correctly.
Efficiency: It refers to the relation between the amount of service produced and the inputs used in the production of these services. Targets are achieved with minimal resource use.
Healthy Working Life: Providing an ideal and safe working environment and infrastructure for healthcare workers.
Patient Safety: Measures and remedial actions that can be taken to keep all pre-foreseeable hazards at an acceptable level of risk, which can lead to all stakeholders receiving service.
Equity: Ensuring that the service areas benefit from equal rights only for treatment and maintenance needs, without regard to any other difference, is ensured in all service units of the institution.
Patient Orientation: Providing active participation in the diagnosis, treatment and care services of the patient taking into account the wishes, needs, expectations and values ​​of all the services offered.
Eligibility: It is very damaging to the health of a person in medical procedures and procedures that are decided to be done. Timeliness: Diagnosis, treatment and care services are offered within a reasonable and acceptable time interval according to the needs of the patient.
Continuity: Providing chronological, interdisciplinary and post-discharge continuity of medical services.