Medical Oncology

It is the science that enables the necessary studies to be carried out in relation to many different heredities such as cancer formation, diagnosis, causes or treatment. It can be expressed in Turkish as cancer unit. Particularly internal diseases (internal medicine) are separated as a side branch.
Oncologists who are specialized in this area are called to be diagnosed with the help of pathologists and controls to be done in cancerous cells and to determine the most suitable treatment options. Urooncologic hematooncology provides a wide range of areas for patients to be consulted in case of discomfort. The treatment options to be applied vary according to the controls to be performed and the diagnosis of the disease.

Oncology Lower Branches

  • Gynecological oncology; especially cancer diagnosis and treatment related to female reproductive organs. Diagnosis of cancer risk that may occur especially in the reproductive organs in women, as well as treatment, is the part where treatment should be taken.
  • Medical oncology; which specializes in the use of chemotherapy drugs that govern the planning and execution of non-surgical treatment options in cancer treatments. It is the department that regulates the curriculum to be developed in order to get more effective results in the application phase with the medications.
  • Pediatric oncology; leukemia can occur in children as cancer diagnosis and treatment of the field provides the necessary examinations. It is the department that serves against the cancer risk that may arise in children due to different reasons.
  • Radiation oncology; which specializes in radiotherapy (light therapy among the people) being applied in the treatment of cancer.
  • Surgical oncology; which specializes in biopsy procedures and operations involving surgery to remove the tumor (cancerous tissues) at the same time.

Oncology-Related Diseases
The oncology department, which has many different fields such as tumor formation processes and cancer prevention methods in the body, is related to many branches with its wide scope. Treatment methods are mainly divided into surgical and medical methods. Chemotherapy treatment is widely used especially in cancer treatments.
In the treatment process to be performed, it is necessary to put in the necessary checks and certifications in order to be able to intervene in particular with the situation of the person. The controls to be performed can be controlled according to the specimens to be specially diagnosed. Practices to be performed by oncologists who are experts in this area can help to determine the most appropriate treatment option so that the patient can be treated without problems. PET CT (tomography) may need to be taken following the course of treatment and with the support of Nuclear Medicine doctors in the first diagnosis of the disease.
(Cancer of the lungs, cancer of the lungs, cancer of the head and neck, lymphoma, cancer of the lymph nodes, cancer of the blood, cancer of the bone, cancer of the breast, cancer of the stomach, cancer of the bone marrow, liver cancer, liver cancer, colon cancer, colon cancer, especially in many different types of cancer such as cervix cancer, endometrium cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, biliary cancer, biliary tract cancer, testicular cancer, ovarian cancer and thyroid cancer The oncology department provides the necessary procedures for its application.)

Department of Oncology
We provide services with the oncology department on any cancer diagnosis, treatment or control that may occur. With our latest system technology, our center offers all kinds of help to you with the treatment options that are developed against all kinds of diseases that may occur by showing the necessary sensitivity in every work.
You can get detailed information about cancer risk that may arise from our early diagnosis and check-up facilities by contacting our center at any time you want to get service. Our oncology center provides services with all the expert staff against any situations that may occur with the services that this area has been giving for many years.
The controls and tests to be done for people who are at risk of cancer or those who are in the initial stages are provided with the latest system technological devices. In this way, the recognition is provided within a short period of time and treatment is started as soon as possible. We provide high success with the most current and academic treatment options in cancer patients.

Cancer Treatment
Our center which provides services on cancer treatment provides services with specialist doctors to determine the most suitable treatment option against any kind of cancer risk that may arise. As a result of the checks that will be made according to the patient's findings, definitive diagnosis is made and the treatment options to be done are planned.
Chemotherapy, radiotherapy (beam therapy), especially during the application phase, the patient is made more informed in order to be more effective against side effects. For patients with adequate knowledge of any situation that may arise in this situation, it is helpful to make the treatment process more comfortable. The types of cancer to be identified and the cancer treatment options to be applied according to their conditions vary.
In terms of early diagnosis, our center will provide you with the necessary controls in the direction of your requests for any symptoms that may arise against any prob- lem that may arise, and you can intervene immediately by determining if there is any problem.