Liver Transplant

General Promotion
The liver transplantation hospital is established on 3210 m2 area and the total indoor area is 20500 m2. It is six storeys and Turgut Ozal Medical Center was built 20 meters east of the main building and integrated with the main hospital with two tube passages.
Basement floor laboratories, classrooms, seminar rooms, archive, shelter, air-conditioning technical service departments.
On the ground floor polyclinics, radiology, ercp unit and remote treatment.
On the first, second and third floors, two floors with 31 beds on each floor, a 12-bed intensive care and meeting room.
The fourth floor has an operating theater, a meeting room, offices and a cafeteria for 70 people.
Our hospital has a conference room, a library, a study room and three social recreation areas.

  • For our patients
  • Five outpatient clinics
  • 12 operating rooms
  • 3 intensive care units consisting of 36 stations
  • 7 patients with a total of 116 beds
  • Radiology unit
  • Gastroenterology unit

The liver transplantation hospital carries out 5 policlinics and periodic controls of preoperative preparation and postoperative patients together with specialist surgeon, gastroenterologist, pediatric gastroenterologist and infectious diseases specialist in liver transplantation.

Operating theaters
A total of 12 operating theaters and meeting rooms are available and equipped with the most modern machinery and equipment.

Intensive Care Unit
There are 3 intensive care units consisting of 36 units in total. Intensive care units have been prepared for the third and advanced health care provision and have been arranged as one room for each patient

There are 116 patient beds in a total of 7 services. Each patient is arranged in the shape of a room with an average area of ​​30 m2. Patient rooms are equipped with nurse call system, telephone, TV, satellite broadcasting, refrigerator, wc, shower dressing, and storage cabinets and companion bed.

The liver transplant institute has 2 research laboratories. Comprehensive projects are carried out in the field of immunology and hepatology research laboratory for the research of graduate and doctoral students.