IVF Center

We are aiming to provide solutions for couples who do not have children as an in vitro fertilization. You can apply to us for in vitro fertilization and other problems.

Why is the IVF Center needed?
IVF Center is a clinic that allows boys or women who do not have a child for a reason to have children in the appropriate environment. That is, male sperm and female ovaries are brought together in a different environment, then put into the woman's uterus and expected to be an embryo. This way the possibility of having a baby is increased. Today, many people are applying for this treatment method. The possibility of having a baby may vary according to the individual person. However, commonly used methods have increased the likelihood of having a baby who has gotten better results. You can apply us for IVF.

Factors Affecting the IVF Success
There are many factors that affect the success of IVF. The number of male sperms is low, the amount of moving sperm is not large, the number of embryos not accepted after placement of female egg reservoir, the quality of embryo, whether or not detailed chromosome scanning with PGD is performed, and so on.

What is Embryo Freezing

One of the most important operations performed in the center of the IVF center is to freeze the embryo. After male semen and female eggs are combined, they are stored in liquid nitrogen-containing tanks at -196 ° C with special protective fluid. Thanks to this process, embryos are successfully protected for years. When the embryos are to be backed up after the first in vitro fertilization trial, they can be stored for up to 5 years. There may be an extension after five years of fulfilling the requirements again. At this point, the embryo obtained by the first trial is placed 30 days after freezing. After the placement process, the required checks are made and waiting is started.

What is Embryo Transfer
Another procedure with centralized treatment from the procedures performed within the tube baby center is to freeze the frozen embryos in the day and leave them in the uterus. So the embryo is transferred into the uterus to be a baby. Detailed information about embryo quality and transfer physician is given at the beginning of this procedure. There is no need to administer anesthesia during embryo transfer. It is necessary to have some urine before the procedure. This means that the urine bag is somewhat packed and provides ease of operation. In the transfer process, the embryo is loaded into the thin and soft catheter as a pair, after identification checks and barcode reading. Then this catheter is delivered to the doctor and placed in the vagina. There may be a discharge of urine after this process is over. There is no need for rest, such as an increase in success. If you are pregnant, drugs given up to 3 months can be used.

Why IVF Treatment Causes Failure
Causes of failure in IVF treatment can be due to a wide range of sources. Negative results can be seen even if the steps go well. if a general ranking is made, negative results can be obtained for the following reasons.

  • Defects in chromosomes are a rare condition and can only be understood with a chromosome test. If treatment fails, this should be considered. Sperm and egg genetic structure may be distorted. This problem can be solved with PGT.
  • Second, there are situations that prevent egg development. There may be situations where the dose of the stimulating needle is not well adjusted, too high or otherwise low. Also, if the cracking needle is given late or early, egg collection may be seen when it is not suitable.
  • The laboratory process is another material. The nutrient liquids and other ambient conditions in the embryos are extremely important. Procedures should be continued with a sensitive clinical laboratory study. Uncontrolled factors can directly damage the embryo and result in an unsuccessful baby condition.
  • Structural imperfections in the pregnancy are another reason for the failure of IVF treatment. Infection, myomas, baby dropping in the past, and the fact that the uterine membrane is not around 8 mm may not be the cause of the baby. Treatment of such conditions is unlikely.
  • Sperm disorders are another cause of failure. DNA damage can cause negative factors in the development of the embryo. In this case, the treatment has not been finalized yet and it is a difficult situation to solve. However, in some cases, antioxidant medication may be given to the man 3 months in advance.
  • In vitro fertilization may not be effective due to fluid accumulation in the tubes. It is difficult to hold the embryo after fluid accumulation near the ovary. Fluid can be detected by ultrasound, but in some cases, it can cause failure.

Psychological effect of IVF Treatment 
The mental state of those who want to have IVF treatment is very important. women are more likely to face pressure because it tends to be overloaded. However, there may not be a baby for reasons that originate from men. There are also male causes in the negative outcome of the treatment period. So this should be regarded as a double problem and considered as a biological problem. First of all, it will be very important for the couple to accept this from a healthy point of view. After this step, I could share with the societal environment. Sharing with the right people can reduce the amount of burden and worry in the process. As the test tube baby center, we support you in the whole process. At our company, you can safely treat your treatments and try your luck with positive results.