Inonu University Medical Faculty Research Hospital started to serve temporarily in 1990 in the bards belonging to the State Hospital. The foundation of Turgut Özal Medical Center which is the most important and most modern hospital project of our country in the field of health was laid in 1991 and was completed within 5 years and entered service in 1996. Inonu University Turgut Ozal Medical Center is located 10 km from Malatya. It is located on the campus of Inonu University, which was established on a 7000-acre area on the road 309 highway to the east. Outside of the building is heat insulated, high reflective glass and barrier dressing facade. There is no window to open out. Heating in all indoor areas is provided by air conditioning, consisting of hygienic air conditioning in the operating room and intensive care, cooling and ventilation air handling units, cooling groups and aspirators.

Our hospital is a regional hospital with the health services it provides and it accepts patients from neighboring countries. The first hospital in the world with liver transplantation, renal transplantation, bone marrow transplantation, burn center and provides comprehensive services. A large part of our patient rooms are double occupancy and there are individual toilets and bathrooms. Central oxygen and vacuum systems are available in every room. There is a guest house for the relatives of our patients from outside the province, and there is a companion mother unit for mothers with intensive care in their children.