Health Tourism

Health tourism is an application aiming to make holiday at the same time while receiving health services of domestic and foreign people. You can get diagnosis and treatment services in our focal point for health tourism.

Health Tourism Definition
If a general description of health tourism is made, it means that the other city from one country to another country or from another city is only for treatment. That's why everyone can change. This treatment method can be chosen for reasons such as the length of the waiting period, the economics of the treatments, or the desire to get a better quality of service. Within the scope of health tourism, there are people who are determined to be a medical necessity and should be spa treatment.

Health Tourism Objectives
It is mainly aimed at health tourism, providing the comfort of patient and patient families. It also benefits from medical options. So the goal is to get a treatment that will really work out where it is going.

Health Tourism Costs How Much
The cost of health tourism should be considered by taking into consideration such factors as the spaciousness level at the place of origin and health care costs. Especially those who go to developed countries can pay more than their own currencies. Social security costs can also be challenging in this direction. However, many people take advantage of advantages such as private insurance to evaluate medical packages. In this way, a more advantageous total cost image is obtained. If we examine the cost of bundle contracts made by the countries separately, it will be seen as a variable quality.

If we think in terms of health tourism in Turkey from abroad come here to complete their treatment because of the economic many people. Especially given treatment services for patients coming from Europe and America in Turkey comes at very reasonable prices. This is a major attraction. Also noteworthy also because of Turkey's climate and tourist structures. In this context, both our country and our city (Malatya) offer a complete treatment not only physically but mentally with its historical and cultural richness.

The Place of Malatya in Health Tourism
Malatya head between the places where health tourism in Turkey is çekmeke. In particular, Turkey's 8th President Turgut Ozal conferred on the city by the late Turgut Ozal Medical Center is the region's most advanced health care provider. As a result of the agreements he has made with many countries all over the world, he has become an alternative to Istanbul on health tourism. In particular organs including transplant it was initially signed only in Turkey but also in Europe No. success.

What Types of Health Tourism

The types of health tourism are basically represented by a classification that is categorized. If you are thinking about new developments in the health field day by day, your search for alternatives will also increase.

  • Geriatrics and handicapped tourism are a preferred type of tourism for persons with physical disabilities and those who are very old. Individuals assessed within this scope benefit from special care services. It also benefits from occupational therapies and a number of excursions. Health tourism is a constantly evolving field, and in this sub-category, innovations are on the rise, becoming an area that is becoming more and more personal.
  • Thermal tourism is an application aimed at the person who is determined by the doctor that thermal tourism is especially needed for the spa. In thermal tourism, there are other sub-applications in addition to thermal springs. Balneotherapy, climatotherapy and thalassotherapy are some of them. In this health tourism, many people think about holiday, entertainment and treatment together.
  • Spa-Wellness is not always, but in some exceptional cases health tourism can be seen.
  • Medical tourism is separate from these main health tourism In this category, which includes general health issues, treatment is mainly aimed at the following areas:
  • Types of aesthetic operations,
  • Assisted reproductive techniques and birth,
  • Cardiovascular surgeries,
  • It can be ordered as dental treatments.

In medical tourism, services are generally provided in large hospitals. Because of the treatment with operation, full-fledged hospitals like our center are preferred considering the possibilities in operating room equipment, guest accommodation and other units.

How Long is Health Tourism?
The duration of health tourism generally implies an uncertain situation. So people can stay for so long if they are treated for a long time. For example, someone who goes to the bathroom due to rheumatism may stay in the bathroom until late or until the doctor has indicated. If there is an operative transition, the time may be longer in this case. It will vary depending on the condition of recovery and the time of the doctor's departure. In health tourism, those who go elsewhere for the tooth can extend the time by combining tattle if the tooth is to be treated in a short time. In some cases, for example, in the case of implant therapy, it may also be a long wait.

Health Tourism Tool Establishment
For health tourism companies, it is necessary to have the authority certificate of intermediary institutions. So you can easily ask this document from companies claiming to serve for this purpose. In addition, details such as regulations on health tourism should be known on the web site of the related institution. Our centers also provide services for health tourism agencies.