Eye Center

If you are looking for a professional eye center for all the problems you are experiencing with your eyes, you can contact our center. We offer support for diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases with well-established services, specialist and experienced staff, equipment equipped with state-of-the-art health equipment.
It is a must to take good care of our eyes, which are our doors opened to the world, to use on healthy days. It is imperative to consult a specialist physician in any question, make a diagnosis by making the necessary examinations. Otherwise, insidious diseases can lead to loss of eyes.
Eye diseases will often show symptoms and show themselves. However, there are some diseases, such as eye strain, that are difficult to notice. Because of this, you should check your eyes regularly at least once a year.
If you have chronic eye diseases, you should come to check often as your doctor recommends. In diseases such as myopia and hypermetropia, patients should not neglect their controls to use glasses or lenses on an ongoing basis. A low or high number of eyeglasses will increase eye damage. In such cases you should not forget regular checks and treatment.
Diagnostic Methods
The technology for diagnosis of eye diseases is quite large. Facilitating the screening of the eye by various devices. Eye examinations are performed by means of eye ultrasonography, computerized visual field, tomography, microscopy, tonometry, pentacam, and more.Equipment is available to diagnose each disease. Once the necessary tests have been done, the experience of the doctor is now important for the diagnosis. All follow-up, observations and tests will be correctly interpreted to diagnose the disease.

Eye Operations
Sometimes surgery may be necessary to remove eye diseases. Depending on the type and treatment of the disease, various operations are performed. Open or closed operations as well as laser operation is often done. Lasers eye treatment is more frequently performed with developing technology. In the laser method, patients recover more quickly. The operation lasts a short time and its effect is permanent. Thanks to these advantages, the illnesses of the method are increasing day by day.
Many other operations such as lens replacement for cataracts with eye diseases, correction of tapering cornea, laser eye scrawl for myopia or hypermetropia, night blindness surgery, corneal transplantation and many other operations have been successfully accomplished.
All these operations are performed successfully at our headquarters. All physicians present in the specialist field demonstrate their abilities in their field of expertise. If you have consulted your physician and obtained the necessary information, you can enter the operation with confidence.

Comprehensive Eye Center
You may have health problems related to your eye, or you may be doing routine checks. If you are looking for a quality and reliable eye center for all of these things, you should definitely visit our center. As a center of interest to the staff, hygienic environment, specialist doctors and necessary equipments, we are sure that you will meet all your needs.