Ear Nose Throat

Ear, nose and throat diseases are the diseases that many people have in every season. Especially in the winter season, we often do not go to the otolaryngologist because of nasal discharge and flu. The ear, nose and throat section, which is among the most frequent departments, not only looks at the ear, nose and throat, but also some diseases in the head and neck region.
If you have pain or complaints in areas such as nose, nose, throat, sinus cavities, mouth cavity, thyroid gland and salivary gland in the neck and neck region, you may be treated by going to the ear, nose and throat area. Not only the treatment but also the ear nose and throat specialists can be done in the surgical procedures when necessary.
During the winter months, sore throat, nasal discharge, influenza complaints from the otorhinus throat doctor, while in the summer sinusitis, ear nose and throat allergies for otorhinolaryng throat doctors can apply.
Ear, nose and throat surgeons are specialists in infectious diseases that occur in the head and neck region, with trauma to the tumors observed in these regions and traumas. In addition, ear nose throat specialists are also interested in cosmetic and plastic repair and surgeon. Ear, nose and throat specialists work with the original specialist who will perform the treatment or operation not only in these treatments. For example, tumors in the head and neck region are working together with plastic surgeons in plastic surgery and repair with brain surgeon.

What are the diseases seen here?

When we breathe, the complaints seen during sleep often disturb us. There are many reasons for this. Therefore, it is necessary to go to ear, nose and throat specialist.
Ear, nose and throat specialists are concerned not only with breathing difficulties but also with all diseases related to otorhinolaryngology. Nose diseases are the leading cause of otorhinolaryngologists.
The most uncomfortable event in nasal disorders is sinusitis. Sinusitis is a disease in which sinus cavities are filled with inflammation and headache, nasal discharge is seen. For this reason, otorhinolaryngologists are frequently visited.
Nasal obstruction is the most unfortunate complaints. Nasal obstruction, which is confronted by common causes such as flesh and cold, causes patients to suffer shortness of breath especially when they are asleep. Due to such reasons, the applicant is intervened at the place of the patient and on time.
When your nose is out of shape due to the external appearance, it can cause you to be uncomfortable. This is why the ear nose is the most common complaints in the throat section. For deformation and devaluation, otolaryngologists can perform operations with the plastic surgeon.
Due to seasonal changes or pollen in spring and summer, sneezing and runny nose are seen. This can be done with medication or when necessary, operation. Seasonal allergic rhinitis is seen as a source of odor.