Burn Unit

In case of burns, which may be caused by different reasons, the burn center provides treatment especially for the patient. The checks to be performed provide the determination of the degree of burns that may occur, especially in persons. Providing the necessary controls for the burns that may be caused by different causes ensures that the burning stage is identified and treated accordingly.
Burn units are the units that are serving in the health facilities. It provides services for the treatment of burns that may occur especially in patients. It can be defined as the area where sterilization conditions have been established at minimum level and also isolated from other units. It is known as the burn unit where care and treatment are provided for patients who need to be treated in bed.

How Does Burn Center Work?
In order to be able to diagnose the complaints of the patient firstly, necessary controls should be provided. It is determined that the degree of burns of the patient in the controls to be made by specialist doctors. Conditions that cause fallacy can determine the treatment of the patient. That's why you need to be detailed in detail. The treatment of the patient can be performed in accordance with the degree to be determined later.
In particular, burn center sterilization is at a minimum and any infections that may occur can be removed. The risk of infection in burns is very high. For this reason, they must be treated in sterilized areas throughout the treatment period. It can ensure that the treatment of patients who have been sterilized to a sufficient degree, especially in the case of any situation that may occur, can continue in a positive way.
It also needs to be isolated from other units. It is important to show the required sensitivity in this regard. Otherwise, the risks that may arise in the patient are increasing. Infection is a condition even in the healing process of the patient. Throughout the treatment period to be applied according to the number of burns to be determined following the controls to be performed, the patient must be treated in the sterilized environment.
After the patients who have come to the center have the necessary controls, the degree of the formation of the burn is determined. Later on, the patient is taken to the sterilized area in order to be able to heal as soon as possible. Continuing the field treatment, especially isolated from other areas during the course of treatment, minimizes the risk of infection. The risk of infection is high in patients with burns. This is one of the points to pay attention to.

Services Provided at Burn Center
In case of burns, which can occur in patients, burns can be done centrally by specialist staff especially for the treatment which will be done centrally in sterilized environments. Taking precautions against any situation that may occur can ensure the smooth completion of the treatment. The technological equipment used during the inspections for the patients may enable the determination of the burning level of the patient in a shorter time. Establishing a diagnosis as soon as possible will allow the treatment to be started without delay.
The services provided at the burn center for patients include minimizing the risk of possible complications for diagnosis, treatment, and after treatment, especially in cases where it may occur.

Burn Treatments
Our center provides uninterrupted service for those who need professional help for different situations, especially burns that may occur in patients. Our center ensures that the patients are treated in a completely sterilized environment thanks to the necessary sterilization work. The treatment procedures to be performed provide the continuation of the treatment of the patients throughout the course of the treatment, especially in areas isolated from other areas. Measures are taken against any risks that may arise on this site.
The burn grade of the patient is determined according to the controls to be done. Later, with the controls to be performed by our specialists, the patient is intervened via the most appropriate treatment option. During the course of the patient's treatment, necessary precautions are taken to avoid any problems. Our Center continues its uninterrupted service with its expert staff with sufficient knowledge and experience in its field. The necessary checks are carried out regularly by our team in order to ensure the safety of the patients against the problems that may arise especially after the interviews.

Burn Center Fees
Those who wish to receive information about the burn center fees that will be set for the treatment to be applied during the course of the treatment can review the price options that we have identified through negotiations on our uninterrupted support hotline. In any case you need, you can get detailed information on any issues you are wondering by providing us with our 24/7 support line. Especially the treatment option which will be determined according to the condition of the patients affects the prices.
The treatment process that will be especially applied in second or third degree burns can help the patient recover within a short time. The treatment of adults and children may vary. For this reason, application is made according to the most appropriate treatment option to be determined after the necessary controls are provided. Continuous controls are effective on completing the treatment successfully.