Bone Marrow Transplantation

Today, bone marrow transplantation is performed especially for the leukemia disease which is frequently experienced in children. Especially in case of necessity in the treatment process, it can be ensured that the children can continue their lives in a healthy way with the operation. Bone marrow transplantation treats adults as well as children. Chemotherapy, which lasts 3-3,5 years, is particularly effective in achieving healing rates of up to 85%. For this reason, leukemia in childhood is also widely used in drug therapy.
Transplantation is performed if the treatment to be performed does not produce the desired effect, especially in children. Nevertheless, the majority of patients are treated with long-term treatment after medication. During the treatment to be done, especially if the child does not respond appropriately to the treatment, the bone marrow that will be taken from different people is being transported.

Fundamental Principles in Bone Marrow Transplantation
In particular, the basic principle for bone marrow transplantation in patients is that the main stem cells, which are responsible for the production of blood cells, are removed from the donors and given to leukemia patients. In order to be able to apply successfully, especially in children, in case of a sibling, the operation is carried out in accordance with the bone marrow which will be taken from the sister.

Where are Bone Marrow Stem Cells Taken From?

  • In the first stage, tissue groups can be taken from siblings or family members that are appropriate.
  • The donors may be called if there are no relatives for which the tissue group is appropriate.
  • It may be the case that the patient is used particularly if he has previously frozen his bone marrow.
  • The main stem cells in the blood circulating in the veins can be collected and applied to the patient by the special method to be applied.
  • The umbilical cord can provide the application with the main stem cell, which will be taken from the newborn brother in particular.

How to Get Bone Marrow?
Through operation that will be performed in the operating room, bone marrow can be taken from a person by applying general anesthesia. Thanks to the special needles to be used, bone is inserted into the bone and the bone marrow is injected with the injector method. If it is taken in a sufficient amount, it is filtered and stored in special bags. Later on, the person with leukemia is administered intravenously. There is no inconvenience for the donor, especially for the donor. Within 3 weeks of performing the transplantation, the robust parent stem cells begin to work to make blood cells. It may be the case that up to six months of preventive treatment may be required, especially after the application, for the bones to be rejected by the recipient.

Side Effects of Bone Marrow Transplantation
There are details that need special attention during and after the preparation phase. Some complications can lead to the problem of life for the health of the person. Particular care should be taken in transplant procedures, which may be due to leukemia, which may also occur later in life.
Bone marrow transplantation can be used in patients with different types of cancer or in the case of relapse of leukemia. One year after the transfer it will be possible to get the health of the children and at the same time, a normal life can be provided. In order to avoid side effects, it is important to provide necessary controls during this time. The inspections to be carried out by the experts ensure that precautions are taken against any situation that might occur.

Which Diseases Need Bone Marrow Transplantation?

  • Leukemia and lymphomas,
  • In multiple myeloma or other possible plasma cell disorders,
  • In myelodysplastic syndrome or myeloproliferative diseases,
  • In cases of serious anaphylactic anemia or bone marrow failure,
  • In the case of severe combined immunodeficiency or genetic immunodeficiency,
  • In the case of hemoglobinopathies,
  • In the case of Hurler syndrome or genetic metabolic disorders,
  • In case of malignant tumors.

Steps of Bone Marrow Transplantation
It may be possible to determine if any problems will arise by providing the necessary checks before the bone marrow transplantation to be done in children or adults. In this regard, our headquarters ensures that the necessary controls are done professionally for any problems that may arise in the course of working with the latest system technology equipment. The checks to be performed on the transmitter and receiver ensure that there is no problem for the operation to be performed.
In the case of compliance, the bone marrow taken is applied to the patient through the procedure to be performed in the operating room conditions. the especially for those who have been treated for a period of time. For this reason, the field expert is able to perform the application by showing the necessary precision to ensure the best results.

Prices of Bone Marrow Transplantation
Thanks to the applications that will be done in a professional manner, especially our center makes it possible to complete the process without any problems. Those who want to make operations with reasonable price options can get information about bone marrow transplantation prices in the direction of their requests. You will get more information about the topics you are wondering about thanks to the interviews you will make over our uninterrupted support line. Our headquarters is serviced by our professional staff so that the implementation can be done smoothly with the most appropriate price options to be determined after detailed negotiations.